5 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Girl

Howdy, Bradley here 🙂

So what do I write about today? Well, this one’s for all the boys out there who are either looking for the best ways to blow their girlfriends heads off and fire away their temper, and the men who are left out confused over the cause of their girlfriend’s last temper fit.

You decide which you are. Just be reminded that this is NO excerpt from the SonicSeduction mini-guide to attracting women. LOL.  Either way, read on and know the 5 easiest ways to annoy your girlfriend

  1. Not taking her seriously. So you call it ‘drama’, ‘exaggeration’, ‘overreaction’ and other whathaveyou’s. Well guess what: you may be right but she does not – AND WILL NOT – appreciate you calling her reactions that. Girls – most of us anyway – freak out over anything and everything. We freak out over the stain on your shirt, being late, the cab driver being rude – practically anything can tick us off and get a reaction. The last thing we need is for you to laugh at our reaction or at the very least, smugly comment about how useless and unnecessary it was to react that way. We have feelings, and that was what that reaction was all about. If we are dead serious about it, you should not dare take us any other way. Seriously!
  2. Doing the same thing that ticks her off. She hates you biting your nails. She does not like it when you call her ‘Dude’ or ‘Buddy’. She gets pissed over you leaving the fridge door slightly open, or the ketchup bottle cap loose. If she’s told you once about it, she’ll forgive your seconds. But if she’s told you about it three times, and you should actually have noticed how her voice escalated a few decibels at each level, you’re in for some bad time if you do it the fourth or the fifth time. Girls can be the most patient of people but if you keep doing something she does not like over and over and over, prepare for some breakdown– and your one-way ticket to an unhealthy relationship.
  3. Not helping her around. Okay, this is a little vain of us to expect men to help us around every time. But it can get really frustrating if we are breaking our backs trying to clean up the house and you’d be on your fat arse sitting on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table and watching TV. Women can be really strong in dire circumstances but that does not mean you should just watch us suffer! And worse if you’re actually making things worse.
  4. Keeping secrets and lying about small things. SIPL isn’t really big on keeping secrets. Also, lies. LIES ARE TERRIBLE. This should technically not be on this list because this is not only annoying – this is anger-inducing. Apparently, there is a trust issue here. The thing that makes it annoying is when you guys shove it in our faces that you’re keeping something from us and you’re just not going to spit it out. It’s practically teasing and yes, it is very, very annoying. Lying about obvious things to get away can get very frustrating too. How can you deny that you ate the last piece of chocolate in the fridge when you have chocolate all over your teeth? Don’t try to get away when you cannot, especially with such lame excuses.
  5. Not listening. Gah, the most annoying thing on this list must be men’s innate inability to listen. It could be as simple as not following during conversations or it can be as bad as forgetting important stuff because he was not listening. Don’t be surprised to wake up one day with a nagging woman – you never listened in the first place! See, women are only compelled to nag because we think/believe that we keep yapping about it, you might listen. So, here: no woman would be nagging if every guy listens!

So, have you figured out how you annoyed your lady?

P.S. Don’t blame me if she’ll drive you crazy afterwards. — B.