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Five Things to Never Tell a Woman on the First Date

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How to work on your first date.
How to work on your first date.

how to make a girl your girlfriend? Impress her! REMEMBER: First impressions last. That is why it is important to make a good one on the first date not only for the sake of getting a second date but also for the sake of not gaining a bad rep among the ladies for being a bad date, be sure not to do the ways to annoy a girl (that should hurt your dating portfolio).

And more often than not, the biggest factor that comes into play on a first date is on conversations. After all, what comes out of your mouth is always the biggest giveaway to the kind of person you are. What you tell the woman will be the deciding factor of whether or not you’re interesting enough for another date, and for a chance to get to know better.
However, not all men are born with the gift of the word. Others fumble for the right words to say, while others could not even find anything to say at all. If you are one of those men who are challenged when it comes to first date convo, these tips might just be for you.

Things You Should Never Tell on your FIRST Date

Five Things to Never Tell.
5 Things to Never Tell.

I could not exactly tell you what to say, but I can tell you things that you should never say to a woman on the first date:

  1. You look like my ex/You remind me of my ex. First off, women hate being compared (and I believe men hate it too). That’s not really the best way to compliment her, no matter how outstanding your ex had been. Secondly, you don’t and never bring up the “ex” on the first date, not even on the second. The ex is a very dangerous, traitorous topic to talk about on the first date. Trust me, your date will hate you for it. The possibility of a relationship with you in the future would be too shady for the lady – she’d think that you only like her because she reminds you of someone else and not because she is good enough. 
  2. You are my Nth date tonight. Ahh but of course, a little ego picker upper for the insecure man. Yes, it is never an indication of confidence when you brag about how many women you’ve been with for the night. The fact that you mention it is a good indicator that you are too insecure that you satisfy yourself with the thought of making a count of the women you go out with in a night; that and making sure that your current date knows that she’s not the only one. Surprise boys: it is not attractive.
  3. I’m not looking for anything serious. Dates are made to have single people meet each other for the possibility of starting a relationship. It may not work but at least you know that you’ve used the chance to start something new. Dropping this bomb on the first date puts the whole idea of dating into barren grounds and you’d make the girl feel like she’s wasted her time with a guy who wasn’t even more than just a dinner.
  4. Please pay for what you’re eating. This is the age of girl power, where men and women are equal. And yes, this is the day when men and women split the bill on a date. But that does not mean you have rub that off in her face in a most insulting manner. Women know their worth and their obligations, and they are responsible for themselves including the things they order for your dinner date. This is downright rude and unbecoming of a gentleman.
  5. I’m not over my ex yet. For reasons why this is bad, please refer to numbers 1 and 3. And PS: if you’re not over your ex, you should not even be thinking about dating. Enough said!

Here also some tips so you’ll know what to do on your first date 🙂

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Gift Ideas to Win Back Your Ex

Send her the best gift to win her back.

I’ve said this on practically every occasion that I get to write about reconciliation and winning back ex-girlfriends: it is NEVER easy. It never was, and never will. It requires you to double or triple your efforts from the first time you’ve tried winning her. Remember: she is not the same woman she was when you first went out and chances are, she still has some grudge on you. Also, not all girls are into take two’s. Worse, if you’ve done poorly the first time, she may never take the risk with you ever again.

Best gifts to win her back

After reviewing the tips on What Makes Women Fall in Love again, win her back with the best effort you can do. But the date ideas would be very difficult, the gift-giving would be even more difficult. To help you out in this almost-desperate situation, here are some ideas:

  • A memento from your past relationship. If you’re the type who keeps important stuff, it may be a good idea to bring it out of the arsenal. Old gifts and items are a good way to tell her that you’ve never once forgotten her and that you’ve always kept a special place for her even when you were apart. And in this case, the smaller, the better. Those little, seemingly insignificant things that you kept as a memory of her will always have the bigger effect. So take out the movie ticket you’ve signed on your first movie date, or the little keychain she won for you at the fair on one of your dates.
  • DVDs of romantic movies about reconciliation. Want to inspire her to get back together with you? Why not get a little help from Tinseltown folks? She may get the ulterior motive b what the hell, it’s not like you’re keeping it a secret! Go ahead and download all the cheesiest movies that fit the theme and go for a movie marathon together. It might not be the best and most effective but she’d definitely get a message (and it would make her smile at the effort). You can also try books if she’s more into reading than movie watching.
  • A letter that tells her about how great your old relationship was and how much you regret the break up and how much you want to be with her. It is the all-in-one gift. This old-fashioned manner with guide on mind games in seduction will easily get you that one the chance to tell her everything in one go – especially the things that you have a hard time telling her about. Plus you get to apologize in the process Handwritten letters are always more effective so practice your longhand now!
  • A video letter. The only difference between this and actually talking to her in person is the fact that when you do this, you have a script, you can edit it out, and you can try so hard to be cute and adorable without going off the track as when you’ve done it face to face. Plus you can make all the special effects to it. You can even put it on Youtube if she’s into that kind of thing. The bottom line is, this requires tons of effort and it will leave a smile on her face.

See this article for tips to get her back from PRLog.

So which gift do you think would get you the powerful yes, the second time around?

When She’s Ready for Marriage and You’re Not

So she’s ready for the great ‘I do’. (Or at least she makes it seem like she is!) 🙂

She talks about her friends getting engaged and getting married and how everyone’s taking the big step. She gushes exaggeratedly at the displays on the wedding shop window. She giggles a lot when somebody walks by with a baby and asks you often about whether or not you think she’s going to make you a mother. And worse, she’s already arranged for you to meet her parents.

Yes, she’s ready for marriage. You are not.

What do you do when your ladylove is looking for the great wedding bells and you’re just happy with what you have right now? Here are some tips:

Look inwardly.

Are you truly not ready for marriage? Why not? What makes you hold back on the idea of the married life? Maybe it’s just fear. Maybe you’ve seen something bad about marriage that makes you scared of it. Maybe you just want to exercise and practise interesting ways to get a girl to like you, and after the chase, you get bored and tired. Or maybe it’s just an unwarranted, useless and illogical fear about something that’s been blown out of proportions and made bigger than the whole idea of marriage itself. Give yourself some space, away from her if need be, and evaluate your thoughts and feelings over marriage.

Look at your relationship.

If you’ve been together for more than 5 years and you have never talked about marriage even once during that whole time, then she really has a reason to start hinting on you. Has your relationship been good over that whole period of time? Can you imagine yourself being with the same woman for the rest of your life?  However, if your relationship has not been longer than 1 month and she’s already talking about wedding and your mini-me’s, you seriously have to pack your bags and leave. Like, NOW.

Look at your girlfriend.

Sometimes, even the best of marriage-material of men could not think about marriage only because they are not with a woman who can make them want to settle down. But then again, whether or not she is the woman that you can imagine spending the rest of your life with or not, she deserves to know that. You can’t just keep her guessing and waiting forever because the right man might come along for her and you’re blocking the way. Make her fall in love with you even more by clearing your head and know what you want.

Make a checklist of the benefits and disadvantages of marriage.

This is so elementary and yet this is so effective. Write as many as you can think of – even the ones that you don’t believe in but have been true about other couples. Weigh in on them. Decide whether or not the advantages can outweigh the bad sides of marriage.
Seek advice from someone who’s in a good marriage and from someone who’s had it bad. It’s practically just the same as making a checklist, but with more depth and personal experience to it. Learn from these people’s insights on marriage.

Don’t let pressure from your girlfriend or other people’s opinions about you, marriage, or your relationship push you into doing something that you’re not ready for. You can’t get into marriage half baked.

Dating Tips for Nerdy Dudes

There are the good guys, the bad guys, and the popular guys. Then there are the nerdy guys. Of the four categories mentioned, the last group – the “nerds” – often has it hardest when it comes to dating. Not to stereotype or anything but the bookworms and the science geeks whose social life consists of trips to the library and astronomy group meets are almost always the single ones in a group, and the ones that are almost always left in the friendzone.

But that’s not always how it should be! Nerds are actually fun an interesting people, and their level of intelligence is just almost always higher than everyone else’s (probably the exact same reason why socializing isn’t as easy for them as it is for the most of us of lower IQ levels). Plus, their interests are always different from that of ours. They are interested in the sciences, Math’s, languages and philosophies – things that most people are hardly interested about. Thus romance is almost always elusive to them – especially if most people surrounding them are interested in only the latest gossip in Hollywood.

If you’re a nerdy guy and dating has always been very challenging for you, maybe it’s time you need a dating booster. Here are some tips on how to boost your dating life:

  • Have more confidence in yourself. Come on dude. You’re smart! You’re smarter than most of us! You can probably speak and read Phoenician in your sleep. Knowing how to text her to make her like you should not be rocket science! You have a loooot of things that most of only see in Sheldon Cooper and his friends. You are someone we can all look up to as far as your intelligence is concerned. Instead of being a wall flower and keep your intelligence to yourself, be more like Professor Charles Xavier – using his intelligence and special gifts with utmost confidence. There’s no you shouldn’t!
  • Improve yourself in ways you think you are lacking. Apparently, your brains are never a problem to you. But of course, you want to make a woman fall in love with you. If you think you need to improve yourself in the looks department or your conversation skills, by all means do so. Have someone – preferably a female friend or relative – help you on that. Go to the dermatologist for bad skin, go shopping for fancier clothes, and maybe practice conversations with another person. This may not exactly bring in the ladies in a snap of a finger, but it will definitely help boost your self-confidence.
  • Get out there and see the world. No, you don’t need to go out and party if the partying crowd is not what you’re after. But don’t seclude yourself from the rest of the world because you’re only decreasing your chances of meeting people – and of course, meeting women. Try out something new, go for a new hobby or interest and meet new friends along the way.
  • Talk. Talk to anyone new you know about the things that interest you. Don’t be discouraged if they get bored or disinterested – your IQ might just be too high for you. Somewhere along the way you’ll find someone who’ll find your stories as interesting as you are.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile. A smile can move people and a smile has the power to hide your nerves and insecurities. And most importantly, smile because it suits you.

How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

LISTEN UP: Cheating is bad. It’s the single most disgusting and biggest betrayal to your lover’s trust. There is hardly anything in this world that could make for the best excuse for cheating. It’s just plain bad.

Men, women, homosexuals, bisexuals – it’s not a matter of gender preference anymore. When we are only used to seeing men cheat, these days, everyone cheats. But just because everyone is doing it does not make it any less bad.

Yes– it happens. One minute you make her fall in love with you, then the next you think she’s cheating on you. It can only get worse if you are on the disadvantaged side – if you are the one being cheated on. If your girlfriend is straying, or if you think she is, here are some tips on how to catch her red-handed;

Observe her actions.

You do not need to master the art of hypnosis and fractionation to observe. She’s cold towards you. She’s having quiet and discreet conversations on the phone. She’s more secretive about her things. And she’s spending less time with you and more time with her ‘friends’. Heck, she’s not even bugging you to go shopping with her! Monitor her activities and list them down if you should. This may not exactly help you yet to catch her in the act of cheating, but it will definitely help back you up when a confrontation arises.

Do ask her.

Do not be confrontational or accusatory. In fact, don’t ask her in the face if she’s cheating on you. Like the many times you’ve successfully asked her to have sex with you without actually mentioning the word ‘sex’, go ahead and ask her if there’s someone else. Again, do not be confrontational and accusatory. Doing so will only make her defensive and stop her from telling you the truth – whatever it is. Talking about it calmly and maybe nicely would touch into her gut and rock her conscience and will eventually make her spit out the truth. State your sentence along the lines of ‘Is there anything wrong?’ or ‘Do we have a problem?’ While at it, continue observing her demeanor – it might just give you the answer you need.

Hire a private detective.

If you can afford it, hire someone to follow her every action. Private investigators are armed not only with the right knowledge on how to stalk and gather evidence on people, but are likewise equipped with the right tools to do so. Here’s a true-to-life account on how someone used a private investigator to catch her cheating spouse from Daily Mail UK. Just remember, if you’re hiring a private investigator, make sure you’re getting one from a reliable firm. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money on someone unreliable.

Stalk her.

Okay– last resort– if you can’t afford an investigator, or at least feel the need to do things and see things yourself, then by all means do so. But remember these: (1) don’t use your car, (2) don’t mention anything to her until you have your evidence in hand, (3) be emotionally ready for this. Being cheated on can be the worst, most painful thing to happen to you and it can be distressing. Others have killed because they have been cheated on – don’t do the same. The safest way is to bring a reliable friend with you on your stalking mission.

What Makes Women Fall in Love

Men have asked this exact same question repeatedly: what makes women fall in love. Generation after generation of men has walked the earth trying to find the answers to what makes women fall in love with men. Some have found true love, others have not and even for those who have succeeded in finding their one true love, the question still remains in their minds, what really did make their women fall for them?

Really, women are simple beings. We fall for men over the simplest of things; the reasons are so simple you won’t believe it. Here are some of the answers to the question what makes women fall in love:

Secretly alone
Make her fall for you.

Humor – ever wonder why and how the office bombshell ended up with the balding stick-thin guy from the other department when she could have Brad Pitt if she wanted to? Maybe because he makes her laugh. Making her laugh is one of the seduction tips from, so you better check it out if you need it. A person’s good humor is an indication of a generally pleasing personality – someone who’s easy and actually fun to be with, someone who can turn anything negative into something better, and can actually lighten anything up. Hilarity creates a general sense of happiness that is largely similar to the kind of happiness that one gets when she’s in love.

Consistency – I know someone who’s pursued a girl for over five years. And throughout those five years, he was rejected by the girl more than once but he never gave up and he did what he’s always done since day 1: prove to her that he was the right guy. Five years. Consistently pursuing the same woman.  After his really long wait, he finally got to change her no’s into one big yes. His secret? Consistency, mate. You don’t have to go lengths on efforts for your lady – just do your sweet little things consistently.  Don’t believe me? Wait for more advice on how to be consistent to impress your girl, coming soon on SIPL.

Compatibility – not every couple has this. It’s like being a match made in heaven. What makes this really effective in making a woman fall for a man is that it makes her feel comfortable and at home. There’s no awkward ‘foreign’ feeling to being with that man, like she was born to be with him. Not too much to be cheesy, but this is a rare thing. If you don’t have this, do not despair – you can make up for this with other factors.

Security – other women are so insecure about so many things – emotional insecurity, physical insecurity, sometimes even the lack of financial stability – and when they find the man that can make them feel that way, they immediately fall. In some ways, really, that’s the whole point of being in a relationship: to find someone who completes what you lack.

Physical Attraction – this is the best and perhaps only way to explain ‘love at first sight’. And this is also the easiest way a woman falls for a man. When our eyes love what we see, it stirs a gentle feeling that makes our feelings lean towards that source of attraction. However, this aspect does not hold out too long, especially when all the other aforementioned factors get into the picture.