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Gift Ideas to Win Back Your Ex

Send her the best gift to win her back.

I’ve said this on practically every occasion that I get to write about reconciliation and winning back ex-girlfriends: it is NEVER easy. It never was, and never will. It requires you to double or triple your efforts from the first time you’ve tried winning her. Remember: she is not the same woman she was when you first went out and chances are, she still has some grudge on you. Also, not all girls are into take two’s. Worse, if you’ve done poorly the first time, she may never take the risk with you ever again.

Best gifts to win her back

After reviewing the tips on What Makes Women Fall in Love again, win her back with the best effort you can do. But the date ideas would be very difficult, the gift-giving would be even more difficult. To help you out in this almost-desperate situation, here are some ideas:

  • A memento from your past relationship. If you’re the type who keeps important stuff, it may be a good idea to bring it out of the arsenal. Old gifts and items are a good way to tell her that you’ve never once forgotten her and that you’ve always kept a special place for her even when you were apart. And in this case, the smaller, the better. Those little, seemingly insignificant things that you kept as a memory of her will always have the bigger effect. So take out the movie ticket you’ve signed on your first movie date, or the little keychain she won for you at the fair on one of your dates.
  • DVDs of romantic movies about reconciliation. Want to inspire her to get back together with you? Why not get a little help from Tinseltown folks? She may get the ulterior motive b what the hell, it’s not like you’re keeping it a secret! Go ahead and download all the cheesiest movies that fit the theme and go for a movie marathon together. It might not be the best and most effective but she’d definitely get a message (and it would make her smile at the effort). You can also try books if she’s more into reading than movie watching.
  • A letter that tells her about how great your old relationship was and how much you regret the break up and how much you want to be with her. It is the all-in-one gift. This old-fashioned manner with guide on mind games in seduction will easily get you that one the chance to tell her everything in one go – especially the things that you have a hard time telling her about. Plus you get to apologize in the process Handwritten letters are always more effective so practice your longhand now!
  • A video letter. The only difference between this and actually talking to her in person is the fact that when you do this, you have a script, you can edit it out, and you can try so hard to be cute and adorable without going off the track as when you’ve done it face to face. Plus you can make all the special effects to it. You can even put it on Youtube if she’s into that kind of thing. The bottom line is, this requires tons of effort and it will leave a smile on her face.

See this article for tips to get her back from PRLog.

So which gift do you think would get you the powerful yes, the second time around?

5 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Girl

Howdy, Bradley here 🙂

So what do I write about today? Well, this one’s for all the boys out there who are either looking for the best ways to blow their girlfriends heads off and fire away their temper, and the men who are left out confused over the cause of their girlfriend’s last temper fit.

You decide which you are. Just be reminded that this is NO excerpt from the SonicSeduction mini-guide to attracting women. LOL.  Either way, read on and know the 5 easiest ways to annoy your girlfriend

  1. Not taking her seriously. So you call it ‘drama’, ‘exaggeration’, ‘overreaction’ and other whathaveyou’s. Well guess what: you may be right but she does not – AND WILL NOT – appreciate you calling her reactions that. Girls – most of us anyway – freak out over anything and everything. We freak out over the stain on your shirt, being late, the cab driver being rude – practically anything can tick us off and get a reaction. The last thing we need is for you to laugh at our reaction or at the very least, smugly comment about how useless and unnecessary it was to react that way. We have feelings, and that was what that reaction was all about. If we are dead serious about it, you should not dare take us any other way. Seriously!
  2. Doing the same thing that ticks her off. She hates you biting your nails. She does not like it when you call her ‘Dude’ or ‘Buddy’. She gets pissed over you leaving the fridge door slightly open, or the ketchup bottle cap loose. If she’s told you once about it, she’ll forgive your seconds. But if she’s told you about it three times, and you should actually have noticed how her voice escalated a few decibels at each level, you’re in for some bad time if you do it the fourth or the fifth time. Girls can be the most patient of people but if you keep doing something she does not like over and over and over, prepare for some breakdown– and your one-way ticket to an unhealthy relationship.
  3. Not helping her around. Okay, this is a little vain of us to expect men to help us around every time. But it can get really frustrating if we are breaking our backs trying to clean up the house and you’d be on your fat arse sitting on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table and watching TV. Women can be really strong in dire circumstances but that does not mean you should just watch us suffer! And worse if you’re actually making things worse.
  4. Keeping secrets and lying about small things. SIPL isn’t really big on keeping secrets. Also, lies. LIES ARE TERRIBLE. This should technically not be on this list because this is not only annoying – this is anger-inducing. Apparently, there is a trust issue here. The thing that makes it annoying is when you guys shove it in our faces that you’re keeping something from us and you’re just not going to spit it out. It’s practically teasing and yes, it is very, very annoying. Lying about obvious things to get away can get very frustrating too. How can you deny that you ate the last piece of chocolate in the fridge when you have chocolate all over your teeth? Don’t try to get away when you cannot, especially with such lame excuses.
  5. Not listening. Gah, the most annoying thing on this list must be men’s innate inability to listen. It could be as simple as not following during conversations or it can be as bad as forgetting important stuff because he was not listening. Don’t be surprised to wake up one day with a nagging woman – you never listened in the first place! See, women are only compelled to nag because we think/believe that we keep yapping about it, you might listen. So, here: no woman would be nagging if every guy listens!

So, have you figured out how you annoyed your lady?

P.S. Don’t blame me if she’ll drive you crazy afterwards. — B.

How to Get Back With Your Ex

Before we get started on any discussion, let me just say this piece of important advice: getting back with your ex is an entirely different thing from getting back at your ex. The former seeks reconciliation, and the latter revenge. More than just a lesson on vocabulary, I am saying this early on to ward off anyone who is reading this for the sole purpose of avenging and redeeming yourself with how badly she broke up with you in the past.

See, revenge takes you nowhere. The gratification is temporary and quite honestly, it will make you look bad to the rest of the world depending on how badly you have done your dirty deed. Sure, it may redeem your ego for some time, but really, is harboring all that anger and resentment, losing to sleepless nights planning your evil plot, really all worth it? Besides, she could even be worse an evil person than you, you might just end up with twice the heartbreak because she beat you to your own plan.

So revenge is out of the list – out of my list anyway – and this is for and about genuine reconciliation in the name of love. Listen up good, because we know that asking her back after she left you is hard.. but we’re here to help.

So, all that cleared up, here are some very important tips on how to get back with your ex-girlfriend:

Reopen communication lines.

This is the first step to rekindling an old flame. This may be a whole lot more difficult if you have been separated for a longer time. Be open to rejection early on in this stage as women can get a little too defensive.  The key to nicely reopening communication lines is to start with something that you were both fond of. Invite her over for your favorite gelato, ask her for dinner at your favorite lobster house, or bring her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. These things will make her soften up to you and open up just a little bit.
Do not shock her by revealing your intentions spot on. Give yourselves time to ease up to each other again. Rediscover your friendship before you try to rediscover the romance.

You are not only doing her a favor but yourself as well.

Who knows, you might not be as keen on getting back together as you thought and this friendship stage will confirm or deny that. GO out several times not only to rekindle the old flame but to discover the person that she’s become over the time that you guys have separated.

Avoid bringing up sensitive issues too soon.

These are things that are better left for later. You may have broken up because what you had was an unhealthy relationship, or her or you cheating, or miscommunication issues. But these things need take time to discuss over in an instant. When you’re trying to get to know each other again, these past hurts and issues will only open up old wounds that she may not be ready to open again.

Find the right timing to ask her if she’s willing to give your relationship another try.

Do not just ask this in a haste; when and how you asked her will definitely affect her decision on the matter. Find the perfect moment to ask her just the same as you would ask a new girl to become your girlfriend.

Be ready to face the old demons of your relationship.

When you both have come to the right moment, when you’ve made your intentions clear, prepare to revisit old wounds. It does not matter who brings it up, it will come up sooner or later. Be ready to talk about these things calmly and maturely; your second time around at love may just be sweeter and for forever.

When She’s Ready for Marriage and You’re Not

So she’s ready for the great ‘I do’. (Or at least she makes it seem like she is!) 🙂

She talks about her friends getting engaged and getting married and how everyone’s taking the big step. She gushes exaggeratedly at the displays on the wedding shop window. She giggles a lot when somebody walks by with a baby and asks you often about whether or not you think she’s going to make you a mother. And worse, she’s already arranged for you to meet her parents.

Yes, she’s ready for marriage. You are not.

What do you do when your ladylove is looking for the great wedding bells and you’re just happy with what you have right now? Here are some tips:

Look inwardly.

Are you truly not ready for marriage? Why not? What makes you hold back on the idea of the married life? Maybe it’s just fear. Maybe you’ve seen something bad about marriage that makes you scared of it. Maybe you just want to exercise and practise interesting ways to get a girl to like you, and after the chase, you get bored and tired. Or maybe it’s just an unwarranted, useless and illogical fear about something that’s been blown out of proportions and made bigger than the whole idea of marriage itself. Give yourself some space, away from her if need be, and evaluate your thoughts and feelings over marriage.

Look at your relationship.

If you’ve been together for more than 5 years and you have never talked about marriage even once during that whole time, then she really has a reason to start hinting on you. Has your relationship been good over that whole period of time? Can you imagine yourself being with the same woman for the rest of your life?  However, if your relationship has not been longer than 1 month and she’s already talking about wedding and your mini-me’s, you seriously have to pack your bags and leave. Like, NOW.

Look at your girlfriend.

Sometimes, even the best of marriage-material of men could not think about marriage only because they are not with a woman who can make them want to settle down. But then again, whether or not she is the woman that you can imagine spending the rest of your life with or not, she deserves to know that. You can’t just keep her guessing and waiting forever because the right man might come along for her and you’re blocking the way. Make her fall in love with you even more by clearing your head and know what you want.

Make a checklist of the benefits and disadvantages of marriage.

This is so elementary and yet this is so effective. Write as many as you can think of – even the ones that you don’t believe in but have been true about other couples. Weigh in on them. Decide whether or not the advantages can outweigh the bad sides of marriage.
Seek advice from someone who’s in a good marriage and from someone who’s had it bad. It’s practically just the same as making a checklist, but with more depth and personal experience to it. Learn from these people’s insights on marriage.

Don’t let pressure from your girlfriend or other people’s opinions about you, marriage, or your relationship push you into doing something that you’re not ready for. You can’t get into marriage half baked.

Unhealthy Relationships: The Bad Signs and the Ugly Results

Are you in a healthy relationship?

A lot of people do not realize that they are actually in a bad relationship before they are in it too deep and too damaged, or the other way around – they have caused too much damage to their partners. The thing about unhealthy relationships is that they are masked as passionate and crazy love – the type that you see in dark romance movies and you hear of in punk and goth music.

The Bad Telltale Signs

Unhealthy relationships come in many forms – including abusive ones. Here are some of the most common telltale signs of unhealthy relationships:

  • Unhealthy outside relationships. People in unhealthy relationships often shun out any other relationship they have. The worst of cases include being separated and alienating oneself totally from friends and families. Oftentimes, it just includes them shunning out any forms of socialization or advice from friends and family about their unhealthy relationship. An unhealthier form of this relationship is when the alienation is due to other person’s egging, which can lead into emotional distress and your partner cheating on you.
  • Extreme clinginess and jealousy. This is the most common sign of an unhealthy relationship. While a jealous girlfriend is practically normal (and quite instinctive), extreme forms like forbidding and invasion of privacy is abnormal and yes – very unhealthy. This results in clinginess and neediness.
  • Cheating very openly (and frequently). If you or your partner is cheating in the relationship, and you or she is doing it openly and worse – frequently – you have a huge problem. Daily Mail wrote a fantastic article on how to find out if your partner is cheating– click here to read more. Also, trust, loyalty and commitment are three of the core values of a relationship next to love, and if you don’t have that in the relationship – you’re screwed. You’re even more screwed if you are the one being cheated on and you let your partner do it to you.
  • Abusiveness. It can be as common as physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and maybe even sexual abuse. This is the biggest form of disrespect and the ultimate sign of unhealthy relationship. The thing about abused boyfriends or girlfriends is that, they think and hope that they can change their partners. And so they let their partners abuse their way around them all to the point of breaking them. And they are too broken to get up before they know it.

The Ugly Results

People who come out of unhealthy relationships – if they ever come out of it – become worse lovers in their next relationships. Their last unhealthy ones will have traumatized them so much that they carry it over to the next one – so it becomes a string of unhealthy relationships after another.

Whilst, people who are still in unhealthy relationships are in great danger of losing themselves in it. They focus too much on their relationships and their partners that they lose sight of who they are and how they deserve to be treated. And before they know it, they are lost in the relationship and they become walking zombies of a lover, only without the love.

The anger, the jealousy, the pain – they become so used to it that they think that’s the only way they know how to be loved.

If you see yourself in any of these situations, free yourself and your girlfriend from more damage and hurt and get out of that relationship at once.  Do not wallow! Go out and date. You probably need Matt Ganz’ opinion on asking girls out on dates if you are still stuck.

Good luck.