How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

LISTEN UP: Cheating is bad. It’s the single most disgusting and biggest betrayal to your lover’s trust. There is hardly anything in this world that could make for the best excuse for cheating. It’s just plain bad.

Men, women, homosexuals, bisexuals – it’s not a matter of gender preference anymore. When we are only used to seeing men cheat, these days, everyone cheats. But just because everyone is doing it does not make it any less bad.

Yes– it happens. One minute you make her fall in love with you, then the next you think she’s cheating on you. It can only get worse if you are on the disadvantaged side – if you are the one being cheated on. If your girlfriend is straying, or if you think she is, here are some tips on how to catch her red-handed;

Observe her actions.

You do not need to master the art of hypnosis and fractionation to observe. She’s cold towards you. She’s having quiet and discreet conversations on the phone. She’s more secretive about her things. And she’s spending less time with you and more time with her ‘friends’. Heck, she’s not even bugging you to go shopping with her! Monitor her activities and list them down if you should. This may not exactly help you yet to catch her in the act of cheating, but it will definitely help back you up when a confrontation arises.

Do ask her.

Do not be confrontational or accusatory. In fact, don’t ask her in the face if she’s cheating on you. Like the many times you’ve successfully asked her to have sex with you without actually mentioning the word ‘sex’, go ahead and ask her if there’s someone else. Again, do not be confrontational and accusatory. Doing so will only make her defensive and stop her from telling you the truth – whatever it is. Talking about it calmly and maybe nicely would touch into her gut and rock her conscience and will eventually make her spit out the truth. State your sentence along the lines of ‘Is there anything wrong?’ or ‘Do we have a problem?’ While at it, continue observing her demeanor – it might just give you the answer you need.

Hire a private detective.

If you can afford it, hire someone to follow her every action. Private investigators are armed not only with the right knowledge on how to stalk and gather evidence on people, but are likewise equipped with the right tools to do so. Here’s a true-to-life account on how someone used a private investigator to catch her cheating spouse from Daily Mail UK. Just remember, if you’re hiring a private investigator, make sure you’re getting one from a reliable firm. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money on someone unreliable.

Stalk her.

Okay– last resort– if you can’t afford an investigator, or at least feel the need to do things and see things yourself, then by all means do so. But remember these: (1) don’t use your car, (2) don’t mention anything to her until you have your evidence in hand, (3) be emotionally ready for this. Being cheated on can be the worst, most painful thing to happen to you and it can be distressing. Others have killed because they have been cheated on – don’t do the same. The safest way is to bring a reliable friend with you on your stalking mission.