What Makes Women Fall in Love

Men have asked this exact same question repeatedly: what makes women fall in love. Generation after generation of men has walked the earth trying to find the answers to what makes women fall in love with men. Some have found true love, others have not and even for those who have succeeded in finding their one true love, the question still remains in their minds, what really did make their women fall for them?

Really, women are simple beings. We fall for men over the simplest of things; the reasons are so simple you won’t believe it. Here are some of the answers to the question what makes women fall in love:

Secretly alone
Make her fall for you.

Humor – ever wonder why and how the office bombshell ended up with the balding stick-thin guy from the other department when she could have Brad Pitt if she wanted to? Maybe because he makes her laugh. Making her laugh is one of the seduction tips from SIBG.com, so you better check it out if you need it. A person’s good humor is an indication of a generally pleasing personality – someone who’s easy and actually fun to be with, someone who can turn anything negative into something better, and can actually lighten anything up. Hilarity creates a general sense of happiness that is largely similar to the kind of happiness that one gets when she’s in love.

Consistency – I know someone who’s pursued a girl for over five years. And throughout those five years, he was rejected by the girl more than once but he never gave up and he did what he’s always done since day 1: prove to her that he was the right guy. Five years. Consistently pursuing the same woman.  After his really long wait, he finally got to change her no’s into one big yes. His secret? Consistency, mate. You don’t have to go lengths on efforts for your lady – just do your sweet little things consistently.  Don’t believe me? Wait for more advice on how to be consistent to impress your girl, coming soon on SIPL.

Compatibility – not every couple has this. It’s like being a match made in heaven. What makes this really effective in making a woman fall for a man is that it makes her feel comfortable and at home. There’s no awkward ‘foreign’ feeling to being with that man, like she was born to be with him. Not too much to be cheesy, but this is a rare thing. If you don’t have this, do not despair – you can make up for this with other factors.

Security – other women are so insecure about so many things – emotional insecurity, physical insecurity, sometimes even the lack of financial stability – and when they find the man that can make them feel that way, they immediately fall. In some ways, really, that’s the whole point of being in a relationship: to find someone who completes what you lack.

Physical Attraction – this is the best and perhaps only way to explain ‘love at first sight’. And this is also the easiest way a woman falls for a man. When our eyes love what we see, it stirs a gentle feeling that makes our feelings lean towards that source of attraction. However, this aspect does not hold out too long, especially when all the other aforementioned factors get into the picture.