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5 Grooming Stuff Every Man Should Have in His Purse

85% of the contents of a woman’s bag have a lot to do with grooming; or at least that’s what I told. There’s all sorts of things there that are dedicated to making her pretty all throughout the day. The vainer and more look-conscious a woman, the more grooming items she carries around with her every day. There’s tubs and tubs of makeup, lipsticks, lip liners, lip balms, eye liners, powder, concealer, mascara, blush, the different tubs and the different brushes, hair brush, clips, cologne, lotion, moisturizer, sun block cream – I could go on all day about the typical grooming items inside a woman’s bag.

What you should put on your purse?
What you should put on your purse?

But a man cannot go around carrying huge bags to fit all those. And quite frankly, the world is not yet ready to see a full-grown manly man delicately contouring his eyes with several layers and shades of eye shadow or pouting his lip to perfect the gloss of his lips. And of course , that does not take away the necessity for every man to look fresh, neat and attractive all throughout the day. How does a man achieve this without having to carry a makeup bag?

Top 5 things

Well surprise, surprise gentlemen: you don’t need no more than 5 things. Here are the 5 grooming essentials on how to hack into a girl’s mind that you should always keep in your purse or manly bag (yes, I have to emphasize that):

  1. Hair gel. This could be practically any other hair product that you use for your hair (mousse, cream, etc). You can never fully trust your hair to stay the way it does from morning ‘til night. And besides, you might want to change your look at the end of the day to suit a night out so your hair product comes in handy.
  2. Deo-spray. A perfume, in my opinion, is a little bit too much inside your purse. It’s bulky and it’s glass; and besides, you don’t want to waste these precious essences over accidentally squishing the spritzer while inside the bag. So go for deo-spray. It lasts long plus it keeps even your critical areas (aka underarms and neck) free from sweat and sweat smell.
  3. Breath spray or mints. You’ll never know when you’d end up too close and face-to-face with a beautiful lady. You don’t want her to be caught off guard by the smell of your garlic steak for lunch right? And besides, you can’t brush your teeth or use your mouthwash ‘on the go’ so these breath fresheners are the best options to keep your breath smelling fresh and well, kiss-worthy.
  4. Lip balm. Okay, men. We girls are not quite ready for you painting your faces the way we do with makeup but we are quite ready for soft, smooth non-chapping lips that are nothing but kiss-ready. If you’re not comfortable using the stick balms, go for those in tubs. Trust me, your next hookup will thank me for this advice.
  5. Hand sanitizer. One of the most common ways to transmit disease-causing bacteria is through the hands; and to protect yourself and not be a channel of these viruses and bacteria, a reliable unscented alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a must have.

So besides of Five Things to Never Tell a Woman on the First Date, what’s in your purse?

Hope you liked the article. Till next time!
Bradley 🙂