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Five Things to Never Tell a Woman on the First Date

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How to work on your first date.
How to work on your first date.

how to make a girl your girlfriend? Impress her! REMEMBER: First impressions last. That is why it is important to make a good one on the first date not only for the sake of getting a second date but also for the sake of not gaining a bad rep among the ladies for being a bad date, be sure not to do the ways to annoy a girl (that should hurt your dating portfolio).

And more often than not, the biggest factor that comes into play on a first date is on conversations. After all, what comes out of your mouth is always the biggest giveaway to the kind of person you are. What you tell the woman will be the deciding factor of whether or not you’re interesting enough for another date, and for a chance to get to know better.
However, not all men are born with the gift of the word. Others fumble for the right words to say, while others could not even find anything to say at all. If you are one of those men who are challenged when it comes to first date convo, these tips might just be for you.

Things You Should Never Tell on your FIRST Date

Five Things to Never Tell.
5 Things to Never Tell.

I could not exactly tell you what to say, but I can tell you things that you should never say to a woman on the first date:

  1. You look like my ex/You remind me of my ex. First off, women hate being compared (and I believe men hate it too). That’s not really the best way to compliment her, no matter how outstanding your ex had been. Secondly, you don’t and never bring up the “ex” on the first date, not even on the second. The ex is a very dangerous, traitorous topic to talk about on the first date. Trust me, your date will hate you for it. The possibility of a relationship with you in the future would be too shady for the lady – she’d think that you only like her because she reminds you of someone else and not because she is good enough. 
  2. You are my Nth date tonight. Ahh but of course, a little ego picker upper for the insecure man. Yes, it is never an indication of confidence when you brag about how many women you’ve been with for the night. The fact that you mention it is a good indicator that you are too insecure that you satisfy yourself with the thought of making a count of the women you go out with in a night; that and making sure that your current date knows that she’s not the only one. Surprise boys: it is not attractive.
  3. I’m not looking for anything serious. Dates are made to have single people meet each other for the possibility of starting a relationship. It may not work but at least you know that you’ve used the chance to start something new. Dropping this bomb on the first date puts the whole idea of dating into barren grounds and you’d make the girl feel like she’s wasted her time with a guy who wasn’t even more than just a dinner.
  4. Please pay for what you’re eating. This is the age of girl power, where men and women are equal. And yes, this is the day when men and women split the bill on a date. But that does not mean you have rub that off in her face in a most insulting manner. Women know their worth and their obligations, and they are responsible for themselves including the things they order for your dinner date. This is downright rude and unbecoming of a gentleman.
  5. I’m not over my ex yet. For reasons why this is bad, please refer to numbers 1 and 3. And PS: if you’re not over your ex, you should not even be thinking about dating. Enough said!

Here also some tips so you’ll know what to do on your first date 🙂

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