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Every Man’s Essential Tools for Dating

“Dating is never the same for any two men, or women. There are always different factors that come into play that helps decide how the entire dating process would go and how the results would be.”

Nonetheless, there are certain things that should be on every man’s list of essential tools for dating. These are the tools that will help boost your chances at a successful date – and by successful, we mean something that would become something more significant.

Hey wait up, if you want friends with benefits, then follow these rules!

Essential Tools for Dating

Hey hey hey gentlemen, get your checklists now and make sure that you have all of these things in your essential tools for dating:


  • A good and reliable wingman. This wingman has to be someone you trust, knows you so well, and has a totally different taste in women (just to be safe, even friends compete over women, you know). Your wingman need not exactly be your best friend; what he should be is someone who knows how to talk to women and more importantly, knows how to build you up to women. After all, that’s what they’re supposed to do anyway.
  • The right dating wardrobe. You have to have a separate wardrobe for dating. It’s not at all vanity – it’s just putting more perspective, more impressive angle into your dating life. After all, you are not exactly the same person at work than you are as a lover so why not translate that into your own wardrobe too? (This helps if your date knows you from work or from your everyday so it would be an impressive breather to see you in something different and more stylish). Keep it to something you’re completely comfortable in though!
  • Cash or a trusty credit. Whilst we live in a day and age where men and women are equal and splitting the bill is expected, the first date is still almost always a man’s responsibility to pay up for it. And besides, there’s always a little thingamajig to get her – flowers, cards, chocolates, the works. So just have some ready for them.
  • A ready stash of pickup lines. You can never be too sure when you’ll need a pickup line for one or two dates. It works with some, it doesn’t with others but hey – you can never be too ready either! So just have a few lines ready – it’s pretty good for breaking the ice too.
  • Humor. There is nothing that humor can’t fix nor bridge. We all need humor every now and then and especially on a date. Make her feel good about being with you and she’ll more than likely enjoy your company as well. So try a hand at humor without trying too hard; let it flow naturally.
  • A good relationship with the women in your life – your mom (especially), your sisters, female cousins, and female friends. You may not necessarily have a female best buddy nor an expert with women but having them around will always give you a healthy insight on how to deal with and how to properly treat women. Plus the free tips and the wardrobe-slash-general-dating-advice would be very awesome.

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