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Gift Ideas to Win Back Your Ex

Send her the best gift to win her back.

I’ve said this on practically every occasion that I get to write about reconciliation and winning back ex-girlfriends: it is NEVER easy. It never was, and never will. It requires you to double or triple your efforts from the first time you’ve tried winning her. Remember: she is not the same woman she was when you first went out and chances are, she still has some grudge on you. Also, not all girls are into take two’s. Worse, if you’ve done poorly the first time, she may never take the risk with you ever again.

Best gifts to win her back

After reviewing the tips on What Makes Women Fall in Love again, win her back with the best effort you can do. But the date ideas would be very difficult, the gift-giving would be even more difficult. To help you out in this almost-desperate situation, here are some ideas:

  • A memento from your past relationship. If you’re the type who keeps important stuff, it may be a good idea to bring it out of the arsenal. Old gifts and items are a good way to tell her that you’ve never once forgotten her and that you’ve always kept a special place for her even when you were apart. And in this case, the smaller, the better. Those little, seemingly insignificant things that you kept as a memory of her will always have the bigger effect. So take out the movie ticket you’ve signed on your first movie date, or the little keychain she won for you at the fair on one of your dates.
  • DVDs of romantic movies about reconciliation. Want to inspire her to get back together with you? Why not get a little help from Tinseltown folks? She may get the ulterior motive b what the hell, it’s not like you’re keeping it a secret! Go ahead and download all the cheesiest movies that fit the theme and go for a movie marathon together. It might not be the best and most effective but she’d definitely get a message (and it would make her smile at the effort). You can also try books if she’s more into reading than movie watching.
  • A letter that tells her about how great your old relationship was and how much you regret the break up and how much you want to be with her. It is the all-in-one gift. This old-fashioned manner with SIBG.com guide on mind games in seduction will easily get you that one the chance to tell her everything in one go – especially the things that you have a hard time telling her about. Plus you get to apologize in the process Handwritten letters are always more effective so practice your longhand now!
  • A video letter. The only difference between this and actually talking to her in person is the fact that when you do this, you have a script, you can edit it out, and you can try so hard to be cute and adorable without going off the track as when you’ve done it face to face. Plus you can make all the special effects to it. You can even put it on Youtube if she’s into that kind of thing. The bottom line is, this requires tons of effort and it will leave a smile on her face.

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So which gift do you think would get you the powerful yes, the second time around?