Unhealthy Relationships: The Bad Signs and the Ugly Results

Are you in a healthy relationship?

A lot of people do not realize that they are actually in a bad relationship before they are in it too deep and too damaged, or the other way around – they have caused too much damage to their partners. The thing about unhealthy relationships is that they are masked as passionate and crazy love – the type that you see in dark romance movies and you hear of in punk and goth music.

The Bad Telltale Signs

Unhealthy relationships come in many forms – including abusive ones. Here are some of the most common telltale signs of unhealthy relationships:

  • Unhealthy outside relationships. People in unhealthy relationships often shun out any other relationship they have. The worst of cases include being separated and alienating oneself totally from friends and families. Oftentimes, it just includes them shunning out any forms of socialization or advice from friends and family about their unhealthy relationship. An unhealthier form of this relationship is when the alienation is due to other person’s egging, which can lead into emotional distress and your partner cheating on you.
  • Extreme clinginess and jealousy. This is the most common sign of an unhealthy relationship. While a jealous girlfriend is practically normal (and quite instinctive), extreme forms like forbidding and invasion of privacy is abnormal and yes – very unhealthy. This results in clinginess and neediness.
  • Cheating very openly (and frequently). If you or your partner is cheating in the relationship, and you or she is doing it openly and worse – frequently – you have a huge problem. Daily Mail wrote a fantastic article on how to find out if your partner is cheating– click here to read more. Also, trust, loyalty and commitment are three of the core values of a relationship next to love, and if you don’t have that in the relationship – you’re screwed. You’re even more screwed if you are the one being cheated on and you let your partner do it to you.
  • Abusiveness. It can be as common as physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and maybe even sexual abuse. This is the biggest form of disrespect and the ultimate sign of unhealthy relationship. The thing about abused boyfriends or girlfriends is that, they think and hope that they can change their partners. And so they let their partners abuse their way around them all to the point of breaking them. And they are too broken to get up before they know it.

The Ugly Results

People who come out of unhealthy relationships – if they ever come out of it – become worse lovers in their next relationships. Their last unhealthy ones will have traumatized them so much that they carry it over to the next one – so it becomes a string of unhealthy relationships after another.

Whilst, people who are still in unhealthy relationships are in great danger of losing themselves in it. They focus too much on their relationships and their partners that they lose sight of who they are and how they deserve to be treated. And before they know it, they are lost in the relationship and they become walking zombies of a lover, only without the love.

The anger, the jealousy, the pain – they become so used to it that they think that’s the only way they know how to be loved.

If you see yourself in any of these situations, free yourself and your girlfriend from more damage and hurt and get out of that relationship at once.  Do not wallow! Go out and date. You probably need Matt Ganz’ opinion on asking girls out on dates if you are still stuck.

Good luck.